Fred Stewart Sr.

Fred was born to be a dairy farmer. He bought his family farm, Stewarthaven Farm in 1950 and never looked back. Fred is a proud fifth generation dairy farmer. In 1952 he married Mary and had two children Fred Jr and Cathy. Fred Jr and family have taken over the farm making them sixth generation farmers.

Fred and his family through hard work have established a world renowned Holstein dairy herd. They have exported bred cows to nine different countries around the world. Fred has received many distinguished awards including two master breeder’s awards, highest production awards and Premier breeder awards.

Fred can honestly claim that he has experience in all facets of the dairy industry including production, processing and distribution. In 1931, his father established Avondale Dairy. Over the years Fred and his father built the small dairy into a modern processing plant containing the most up to date processing equipment. In 1970, Fred sold the processing plant to Beatrice Foods so he could concentrate on farming.

Fred is an advocate for agriculture in the classroom. He opened the doors to his processing plant and dairy farm so that students of all ages could see the whole dairy process. Last year alone over 2500 students visited the farm and processing plant in June. Fred also believed that training and experience was essential. He helped train and educate farmers from Japan who would come to Canada to learn dairy farm practices.

Even though life was busy on the farm for Fred and his family, he decided to take a chance and venture into the horse racing industry with his brother Frank. Fred bought his first race horse in the 1970’s entering races at Woodbine, Flamboro Downs and Fort Erie. He continued in the horse racing industry until the mid 1980’s

Fred credits the support and guidance of his family for all of his successes in life. He believes he has been fortunate to see the poor times when a man would walk off the road and work for a dollar a day and a sandwich as well as the good times. He believes good farming practices and being aware of new technology in crops and breeding cattle is essential to be successful. Fred was born to farm and is proud to be a dairy farmer.

Congratulations Fred!