Director Ted Hessels and two Wainfleet firefighters with new Farm 911 sign.

Farm 911 The Emily Project

Dear NFA Member

The FARM 911 initiative was born from a tragedy that affected a Quinte area farm family in the loss of their young daughter, Emily.  A significant factor adding to this tragedy was the EMS’s inability to locate the accident site due to the lack of farm field signage. As a result, FARM 911: the Emily Project was formed to address this concern with the goal of minimizing response times and improving the chances for a successful outcome of any future incidents.

First responders understand the importance of having a location that is GIS entered and physically marked with a sign in the ground. In addition, our research has found that a cellular signal for a location is a triangulated position based on cellular towers. The cellular position is very accurate, provided all technologies are functioning correctly. However, in remote areas, cell phone signals may fail. Our goal is to eliminate that variable.

Since its inception, FARM 911 has been busy developing partnerships with many Municipalities across Ontario. The Niagara Federation of Agriculture (NFA) has since adopted the program in the hopes that no family within our Region will have to endure a tragic loss like that of Emily Trudeau. Thus far, the Municipalities of Pelham and Wainfleet have joined the program, creating their own yellow and black 911 sign system for rural lands.

The NFA has received sponsorship from Clark Agri Service to offset costs of the signs.  This sponsorship provides $100 towards the first sign for the first 10 farmers/rural landowners to apply. You must show proof of application and payment to receive the $100 toward your first sign. At this time, only Pelham and Wainfleet landowners can apply for funding as the other Niagara municipalities have not yet adopted the program.

Chris Hamilton, President of the Niagara Federation of Agriculture stated “Farm 911 is a very important program, and we would like to encourage all municipalities in the Niagara Region to adopt it. It is essential that First Responders have the tools needed when called to duty for an accident or fire. We thank Pelham and Wainfleet for their continued support to the agriculture industry and for their acceptance of Farm 911.  We would also like to thank Clark Agri Service for their sponsorship.”

Funding will go to the first 10 submissions received by NFA up to January 31, 2021. To receive your funding, provide your completed application and proof of purchase to  NFA at . For more information, contact Cathy Mous, NFA Administrator, at or 905-516-5188.

NFA is currently engaging with the other Niagara municipalities, advocating for implementation of Farm 911. The NFA encourages everyone to contact their municipality and request that they adopt the Farm 911 program so that it is available in your municipality.


NFA Ag Safety Committee