Message from Niagara Public Health – Vaccination Plan for Farm Workers

Access to the Provincial Booking System

Farms who were not contacted the week of April 19-23, or whose staff were unable to be added to the staff list prior to the deadline, remain eligible to receive prioritized access to COVID-19 vaccinations and will now be supported to have an opportunity to book a vaccine appointment through the provincial booking system.

For those who could not be supported through this weekend’s clinic, information previously submitted through your staff list will now be uploaded to the provincial booking system. Individuals will receive an email with an “invitation to book” – i.e. a booking link and personal invitation code. Upon entering the requested information, staff will have access to the provincial booking system and can view available appointments across all mass immunization clinics in Niagara region.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or the Moderna vaccine is available through mass immunization clinics.
Farm workers can expect to receive an email invitation to book online in the next 3-5 business days.

For your consideration:

· The minimum age requirement is 16 years old (current age, not birth year) to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and 18 for the Moderna vaccine.
· Adults 60 or older in 2021 are eligible to book at any point in time through the provincial system.
· Adults 50 and older in 2021 with a postal code starting with L2G, a provincially designated hotspot, are also eligible to book through the provincial system at any point in time.
· Adults 40 and older in 2021 can get vaccinated at participating pharmacies and doctors’ offices.

To learn more about additional eligibility guidelines, visit:

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